Welcome to future

Welcome to future

   Ebrahim Bahrami

   Photography as a new media and Identity coordinator has become an inseparable part of man's life today and is essential for joining people together, answering their innumerable questions.                                                                                                  

Using digital cameras has become surprisingly popular during the last few years and because of easy handling in recording social, sports and artistic events and portrait, it has gained especial importance among photographers.                                                 

The speed of improving digital technology is so great that it is a surprise exceeding time; that is why they say, "welcome to future." During the last ten years  the achievements have been greater than the whole history of photography.                       

Digital technology has been able to shorten the time of processing images and to bring about situations for the photographer to arrange his ideas and shoot on the basis of aesthetics. The unlimited capability of digital photography in recording images has enabled many photographers to create new styles in capturing images. Being flexible, it provides  easy access to correcting composition and color as well as retouching images. For that reason it has become one of the most popular arts in the new era.      

Also the new technology has put forward the occasion of capturing images in a creative way making it enjoyable for the photographers. They can do this without being annoyed by lighting problems, processing and preparing prints, concentrating mostly on artistic innovation.                                                                                       

At the beginning of this period, the photographers who were used to traditional cameras would not find it applicable. But the achievements were so great that they soon felt quite attached. Good quality of images, easy access to finished image, the omission of processing by photo chemicals and the low cost of digital photography were good reasons why almost everyone concluded using it .Digital photography along with other artistic changes, has become unavoidable, so photographers should welcome it and sincerely accept the reality. They should, helped by our rich culture, work hard to make use of it for recording hence conveying the richness of our civilization.